www.myamall.com is Nigeria's number one online shopping-only retail platform that offers free shipping on all items bought on www.myamall.com, fast and effective delivery of products, and a secure payment gateway. While items and online visitors increase day by day, the number of online products uploaded per day has exceeded 200 and an average of 300 items are sold every hour.


With the expansion of MyAmall and the increase in the number of users, MyAmall has adopted a comprehensive retail circle including multiple e-commerce models like B2C, C2C, group buying, distribution, and auctions. We aim to become one of the world's biggest e-commerce trading platform. At MyAmall, we stay committed to promoting the popularization of "real goods, at good quality and affordable prices, customized on-demand" online goods, to help more consumers enjoy massive and rich online experience, and obtain a higher quality of life by providing online sales platforms and other basic services, helping more companies build their brands and develop their markets, achieve industrial upgrading, and help more and more people with dreams to achieve entrepreneurship and employment through the Internet.



Becoming a consumer exchange community and a global hub for creative goods, giving a new form to the way people live and consume.

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