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Fraud alert info

We urge our customers to be cautious with personal and account information.
If you think that you may have disclosed your personal or account information in error, or that you have been a victim of fraudulent account activity, please contact your bank or Credit Card Company immediately. You may also wish to contact a credit card reporting agency.

Please know that MyAmall would not ask for your account information through email (phishing) or text message (also known as SMShing) communication or phone calls. If you receive an unsolicited email, text message, or call requesting personal or account information that appears to be from MyAmall or related to your MyAmall account, please call us at +86 400 082 6630, +(234) 091 5188 8811, +(234) 091 5188 8822 or forward your report to We take these matters, and the protection of our customers' sensitive information is our top priority.

To help protect yourself from possible email scams:

  • Avoid urgent requests to click on a link and log in to your account because your password has expired. Be aware of the urgency used in the email or text message and the consequences resulting in lack of action: Does it demand attention and indicate there will be consequences if the recipient does not take action? If so, this could indicate that the email is fraudulent.
  • Look closely at the sender's email address in the "From" line, which may contain unusual characters or misspellings. Suspicious emails often appear to come from legitimate sources.
  • Watch out for errors in grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. You should validate any emails or texts that seem out of place or contain glaring errors.
  • Check for broken, out-of-place, or incorrect images or graphics that are often different than those seen on the business's legitimate website.
  • Note if the request seems out of character. If personally identifiable information is requested, check the business's privacy policy to see if it states that they do not request information in this manner.
  • Do not provide your personal log-in information (your log-in ID or password).
  • Be wary of embedded hyperlinks by hovering your mouse over the link and verifying if the hyperlink and URL match. Instead of clicking on the hyperlink, open a new browser window and type in the URL. Do not copy and paste the URL from the email into your browser. For more information visit: or


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